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In this class we obtain the information not from the teaching but from the wall. We have to search the information, collect it, classify it and order it. We work by groups in a cooperative way. Finally we fill a table of the biomolecules and the teacher hasn´t speak in the whole class. 

Here you have the power point about biomolecules and their relation with LEGO.

Well done!


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This is it. You have completed the course: the Natural Science of 1º ESO is gone. Not that dificult, isn´t it? Now the last step: the final exam. Please find attached the content included: the most important pages of the book have been selected. A last effort....come on! Good luck! 

Unit 14: ATOMS

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This is it. The last Unit: the atoms. This is an introduction to Chemistry. Atoms and compounds, bonds and electrons. Lots of new words but still at a basic level. Please prepare very well this exam, which will be the Term Exam. Don´t forget to complete your notebook. By the way, we will go to the lab to make a practice next week.

Unit 6: PLANTS

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The most important living things: the plants. Without plants we couldn´t live. I hope your vision about plants will change in this Unit. Please work the notebook and don´t forget the work about phototropism. Here you have attached the power point. Good luck!


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Please find attached below the instructions of this practice. We will explain it also in class. The deadline is May 15th.
We will measure the growth of the plant in a table and will try to prove the phototropism of the plant with an easy experiment. 
Let´s investigate!

Units 12&13: THE MATTER

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These two Units will be included in the next Exam. As you know, some pages are part of Technology. These pages will not be included in the exam. We can say that these two Units are the basis of Physics. Next year we will study Physics so pay spetial attention to the matter. Good luck!


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Last friday we had the second laboratory practice: the dissection of a badger (Meles meles). We observed the heart and lungs, liver, intestines, uterus, bladder, diaphragm and the stomach. It was a great chance to see the organs on its place. We also had a short talk about the badgers, a nice mamal that is common but difficult to be seen. A great day!



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Here we have the power point of Minerals and Rocks Units. Remember that the exam will include some minerals watched in the lab and you will have to be able to explain its characteristics. The exam will be the same for both Units. Good luck!


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We have been in the lab today studying the collection of minerals. We have been drawing and describing the minerals, including the colour, shape and lustre. It is always very useful to work in the lab. We are going to make three practices this year. We are lokking forward! 



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This Unit is about the hydrosphere. Remember that you have to study only pages 97,98, 101 and 102. All the other concepts will be explained in DDM. Therefore, next exam will include the whole unit 8, The Atmosphere, and these pages of unit 9, The Hydrosphere. Remember the experiment that we did in class using coins and a card, in order to probe the properties of water.  Well done!

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